Geisha Fashion was founded in 2001 by Mark Jessurun, who had a background in fashion production as well as in retail, having had his own clothing stores in The Netherlands. Combining these qualities turned out to be an interesting combination. One of the problems Jessurun endured as a retailer, proved to be the bad fit of many jeans. His customers were looking for a pair of jeans that suited them and made them look and feel better. Jeans they could fall in love with and buy over and over again, without having to try piles of denim every time they wanted a new pair.Jessurun's ultimate challenge was to create the perfect fit and a fresh new brand to go with it.

Creativity is one of the key words: playing with fashion themes, colours, prints and fabrics. Anticipation on trends is very important, feeding on books, magazines, exhibitions, city trips and street style. Efficiency is another, resulting in shorter time to market. But also technical skills, know-how and budget monitoring are required. These key virtues prove how important the styling department is within the Geisha company. For independant woman of all ages, who like to dress according to how they feel. The collection balances between playful and ladylike, with fresh floral prints, comfortable fabrics and nice knitwear.

Geisha produces four collections a year, consisting of numerous pieces, available in different colours and fabrics.


Geisha team